Admission and Mobility

Admission for degree-seeking students

Undergraduate studies:

Students interested in undergraduate degrees should take the National Entry Exam (ENEM). The exam happens once a year, the test is in Portuguese, and in order to sign up for it you need to have registered as a foreigner in Brazil and to have a CPF number.

Students can sign up at a specific time of the year, usually the end of the first semester, at this page (in Portuguese).

Graduate studies:

Students interested in graduate degrees should know that each program has special requirements for admission. Calls for selection processes are published at the programs websites, some of them are in English, some in Portuguese. A list of all the graduate programs offered, and their websites, can be found here.


Degree seeking students have to fulfill the requirements of the call they’re applying for.

Mobility for non degree-seeking students

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students interested in academic mobility must print out the Academic Mobility Application Form listed below, fill it out and present it at their university’s international office, where it must be signed and stamped with the university seal, attesting the student’s eligibility for a mobility program. The form must be forwarded to, along with a few other documents (see Requirements).

download Application Form

Applications should be forwarded before dates specified in the 2019 Academic Calendar.

download Calendar for Undergraduate Programs


All applicants should have a valid passport. Students must forward a copy of the identification page of their passports and a copy of their Academic Transcript, which is provided by their home university.

Graduate students

Graduate students interested in academic mobility for research should contact a professor willing to supervise their work and fill out the Registration Form listed below, which must be signed by the professor. The form must then be forwarded to the Provost Office for Graduate Education and the International Affairs Office, at

download Registration Form (with rules)

International Visitors

International visitors should read our instruction guide carefully, for it contains information about documents, housing and safety. In it, applicants for undergraduate and graduate programs at UFABC can find information about how to apply, what to do before leaving their home country, traveling to and living in Brazil, documents, and everything else they may need.


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