Campus São Bernardo do Campo



The campus has two entrances: one in Avenida São Paulo, for vehicle and pedestrian access, and the other in Rua Arcturus, exclusive for pedestrian access. Public transport can take you as far as Avenida Senador Vergueiro and Avenida Kennedy, shown in the map below.

There are five buildings currently in use: Building Alpha I, Building Alpha II, Building Beta, Building Gama and Building Delta. Building Alpha I houses classrooms and laboratories on the top floor. On the ground floor, you will find the offices of PROGRAD and PROAP. Building Alpha II houses classrooms. Bloco Beta houses the auditorium on the ground floor, as well as the library and the infirmary, the former located on the first floor, the latter on the second. Building Gama houses the university restaurant. Building Delta houses professors offices, research laboratories and a patio with chess tables.


Campus São Bernardo do Campo Buildings:

Land Area: 120.349,73 m²

Total Built Area: 26.785,74 m²

Building Use Built Area
Bloco Alfa Academic and Administrative Building 4.626,00 m²
Bloco Beta Cultural Center (Auditorium, Library, theater) and Studies Area 4.170,16 m²
Bloco Gama Refectory, Academic Center and Living Area 1.426,00 m²
Bloco Delta Academic Building (Research Labs., Faculty rooms) 12.328,00 m²
Bloco Omega Research Labs. 2.920,00 m²
Bloco Epsilon Lobby 246,00 m²
Vivarium Breeding and reproduction of mice and rats 330,00 m²
Herbarium Collection and drying rooms 115,00 m²




Campus São Bernardo do Campo
Alameda da Universidade – Bairro Anchieta
CEP: 09606-045