Courses in English

UFABC has started to teach courses in English for undergraduate and graduate students in 2015 and the number of courses and diversity of areas has been increasing quickly.
Currently, professors volunteer to teach in English at UFABC and initiatives are being conducted to provide incentives to increase the number of available courses.The list of courses that have already been taught in English is below. If you are interested in studying at UFABC and the subject of your interest is not included in our list, please contact us ( and we will try to offer courses to fit your needs.


Analytical Methods for Designers
Arcraft Design I
Atomic and Molecular Interactions
Chemical Transformations
Communication and Networks
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Conceptual Fundamentals of Energy
Design Theory and Practice
Economy Knowledge: Aproaches and Interfaces with ST&I Activities
Electromagnetic Phenomena
Energy for the 21st Century
Ethnic and Racial Studies
Evolution and Diversification of Life on Earth
Evolution of Physics
Experimental Basis of Natural Sciences
Finances I
Foundations of Systems Engineering
Function of Several Variables
Fundamentals of Computer Science
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Game Theory
Interactive Design
Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Mechanical Phenomena
Strategic Management of Innovation
Supervised Project
The Nature of Information