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Alexandre Hiroaki Kihara

Profile:Dr. Alexandre H. Kihara is one of the leader scientists in the growing field of electrical synapse plasticity. He is currently Editor of recently well-known scientific periodicals, including PLOS ONE, Nature Scientific Reports and PeerJ. His studies led to pioneer reports on changes of electrical synapses in the visual system triggered by ambient light conditions. His research extends to multiple aspects related to cell communication mediated by connexins (Cx) and pannexins (Panx) and their functional roles in the development, plasticity, and degeneration of the nervous system. In his lab, data from brand new technologies such as recording and stimulation using high-density 4096 channels multielectrode arrays (HD MEA) are combined with tissue and cell culturing, calcium-activity imaging, molecular and cellular techniques, and specific methods developed to study neuronal and glial cell activity synchronization mediated by electrical synapses. In addition, he also has solid publication record and collaborations on miRNA, cell cycle control, stem cell biology, and apoptotic signaling.
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Neuroscience and Cognition

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Bachelor in Neuroscience
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