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Fernando Zaniolo Gibran

Profile:I am an Ichthyologist and Professor of Vertebrate Zoology and Ecology at Universidade Federal do ABC, São Paulo state, Brazil, since 2010. Biological Sciences. FFCLRP-Universidade de São Paulo (1994-1997). M.Sc. Comparative Biology (Zoology/Ecology). FFCLRP-Universidade de São Paulo (2000). Ph.D. Comparative Biology (Zoology/Ecology). FFCLRP-Universidade de São Paulo (2004). Post-doc. Marine Biology. CEBIMar-Universidade de São Paulo (2006-2008). Associate Editor of Neotropical Ichthyology.
Research Areas:community ecology; diversity and behavior of fishes; ecomorphology; reef ecology; conservation of marine and freshwater neotropical fishes; marine protected areas
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