Graduate Program

Evolution and Diversity

The Evolution and Diversity program aims at preparing professionals who, regardless of the specific area they might work (zoology, botany, ecology, or genetics) have broad understanding on comprehensive issues related to evolution and diversity. The program intends to provide professionals training to master the methodological tools necessary for integrated research, essential for investigating complex problems and phenomena related to biodiversity. The target audience for this proposal is students holding interdisciplinary bachelor degrees from UFABC and those who hold a bachelor or licentiate degree in Biological Sciences and related fields, graduated from UFABC or from other Brazilian public or private universities.

The students will leave the program capable to use expertise from different areas in their research projects, such as knowledge in ecology, botany, zoology, systematic, and genetics. This professional will be able to take leadership positions in solving complex problems in ​​biodiversity areas and to be an interlocutor in education and research institutions.

Research areas:

Systematics and Biogeography;

Ecology and Conservation.


Master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

Selection Process:

Call for application usually opens in September. The selection for doctorate is carried out through continuous flow. More information about admission requirements and the application process are available on the program website.

Classes Begin:

Usually in May (depending on the year’s calendar).




Limited availability, depending on case-by-case analysis.




Program Website

Additional information about calls, application and deadlines, please go to the program Website


NameResearch Areas
Alberto Jose Olavarrieta Arab
Andre Eterovic
Andrea Onofre De Araujo
Antonio Sergio Kimus Braz
Carlos Suetoshi Miyazawa
Charles Morphy Dias Dos Santos
Cibele Biondo
Danilo Da Cruz Centeno
Eduardo Leite Borba
Fernando Zaniolo Gibrancommunity ecology; diversity and behavior of fishes; ecomorphology; reef ecology; conservation of marine and freshwater neotropical fishes; marine protected areas
Guilherme Cunha Ribeiro
Gustavo Muniz Dias
Marcia Aparecida Sperança
Marcio De Souza Werneck
Natalia Pirani Ghilardi Lopes
Nathalia De Setta Costa
Otto Muller Patrao De Oliveira
Ricardo Augusto Lombello
Sergio Daishi Sasaki
Simone Rodrigues De Freitas
Vanessa Kruth Verdade
Waldir Mantovani