Graduate Program


The Graduate Program in Mathematics at UFABC offers coursework and thesis advising towards the degrees of MSc and PhD in Mathematics.

The Doctorate in Mathematics (PhD) aims at offering an in-breadth and in-depth training in mathematics, while enabling its graduates to pursue a career in high level, internationally competitive research activities. Typically, graduates of our doctoral program develop successful careers in Brazilian public universities as well as in the private sector.

The Master of Sciences in Mathematics degree offered by UFABC aims at providing students with a world-class training in mathematics, enabling its graduates to pursue careers in the industry and occupy leading positions in both public and private sectors.

Research areas:


Geometry and Topology;

Dynamical Systems;


 Mathematical Physics;


 Applied Analysis.


Master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

Selection Process:

Call for application usually opens in August and September. More information about admission requirements and the application process are available on the program website.

Classes Begin:

Usually in February (depending on the year’s calendar).




Limited availability, depending on case-by-case analysis.




Program Website

Additional information about calls, application and deadlines, please go to the program Website


NameResearch Areas
Alexei Magalhaes Veneziani
Ana Carolina Boero
Cecilia Bertoni Martha Hadler Chirenti
Celso Chikahiro Nishi
Cristian Favio Coletti
Daniel Miranda Machado
Dmitry Vasilevich
Eduardo Gueron
Fabiano Gustavo Braga Brito
Francisco Cesar Polcino Milies
Gisele Cristina Ducati
Igor Leite Freire
Ivan Kaygorodov
Jeferson Cassiano
Joao Carlos Da Motta Ferreira
Juliana Fernandes Da Silva Pimentel
Juliana Militao Da Silva BerbertMathematical Biology; Spatial Ecology; Ecology of movement; Population dynamics
Luis Enrique RamirezLie Algebras; Weight modules; Gelfand-Tsetlin modules; Gelfand-Tsetlin basis.
Marcio Fabiano Da Silva
Marcus Antonio Mendonca Marrocos
Maria De Lourdes Merlini Giuliani
Mariana Rodrigues Da Silveira
Mauricio Firmino Silva Lima
Mauricio Richartz
Norberto Anibal Maidana
Rafael Ribeiro Dias Vilela De Oliveira
Roberto Venegeroles Nascimento
Rodrigo Fresneda
Roldão da RochaHigh Energy Physics, Gauge/Gravity Dualities, QFT, Black Hole Physics, Mathematical-Physics
Vinicius Cifu Lopes
Vladislav Kupriyanov
Zhanna Gennadyevna Kuznetsova