Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering

The purpose of the Mechanical Engineering program is to prepare students to leave the course with outstanding knowledge in Mechanical Engineering Sciences. The students must demonstrate initiative, creativity, and vocation for advanced studies, and effectively contribute to scientific and technological development of the region and especially of the country. Moreover, the program aims at educating professionals from Engineering and Exact Sciences segments, promoting the production of knowledge; at developing technical and scientific exchange with other educational and research institutions in the country and abroad; at conducting graduate and research activities capable to assist the technological development of Brazilian companies, and prioritizing areas known as strategic for the country’s technological development.

It is preferable for the student to hold undergraduate degrees in exact sciences and engineering. The student should take proper time to study the subjects taught in the program and experience in the industry is not required. The student must show initiative in the research developed by the professors accredited in the program and propose plausible research topics.

Research areas:

 Applied and Computational Fluid Mechanics;

Applied and Computational Solid Mechanics;

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Design and Manufacture;

Control, Stability and Dynamics.


Master’s degree.

Selection Process:

Call for application usually opens in September and December. More information about admission requirements and the application process are available on the program website.

Classes Begin:

Usually in February (depending on the year’s calendar).




Limited availability, depending on case-by-case analysis.




Program Website

Additional information about calls, application and deadlines, please go to the program Website


NameResearch Areas
Andre Damiani RochaFluid Dynamics; Multiphase Flow; Computational Fluid Dynamics;
Andre Fenili
Annibal Hetem Juniorphysical models; orbital manouvers; young star clusters
Cicero Ribeiro De Lima
Diego Paolo Ferruzzo Correa
Elvira Rafikova
Erik Gustavo Del Conte
Guilherme Canuto Da Silva
Joao Batista De Aguiar
Jonhson Delibero Angelo
Juan Pablo Julca Avila
Karl Peter Burr
Luis Alberto Martinez Riascos
Luiz De Siqueira Martins Filho
Magno Enrique Mendoza Meza
Marat Rafikov
Reyolando Manoel Lopes Rebello Da Fonseca Brasil
Valdemir Martins Lira
Wesley Gois