Graduate Program

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering program aims at training and preparing human resources and qualified professionals to work in development and innovation; They must be trained to generate, develop, and apply new scientific and technical knowledge in the health segment.

The formation of this professional will be based on an interdisciplinary approach in different areas of knowledge, such as implantable devices and biomaterial, biomechanics, rehabilitation and assistive technology, modeling and simulation of health systems, medical imaging, among others; toward the promotion of the health segment through the development of solid scientific and technological knowledge.

The students, along the course, will be in touch with modern technology and techniques and tools focused on health. The course also offers basic concepts, seeking to understand the role of entrepreneurship, business development, and exploring of intellectual property in the biomedical industry.

Research Areas

Biomechanics, rehabilitation and assistive technology

Medical Devices

Information Systems Applied to Healthcare


Master’s degree

Selection Process:

Call for application usually opens in June and October.

More information about admission requirements and the application process are available on the program website.

Classes Begin:

Classes usually begin in February and September (depending on the year’s calendar)




Limited availability, depending on case-by-case analysis.




Program Website

Additional information about calls, application and deadlines, please go to the program Website


NameResearch Areas
Ana Carolina Quirino Simoes
Andrea Cecilia Dorion Rodas
Christiane Bertachini Lombello
Christiane Ribeiro
Diogo Coutinho Soriano
Emery Cleiton Cabral Correia Lins
Fernando Silva De Moura
Harki Tanaka
Ilka Tiemy Kato Prates
Juliana Kelmy Macario De Faria Daguano
Marcos Duarte
Nasser Ali Daghastanli
Patricia Aparecida Da Ana
Ronny Calixto Carbonari
Sonia Maria Malmonge