Graduate Program

Public Policy

The program aims at training professionals and scholars to develop, core leadership competences, to provide specialized skills and tools related to the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies. They will be capable to critically analyze the determinants of good public policy practices, focusing on institutional and procedural dimensions and their relationship with specific public policies, considering the context of a globalized world in fast transformation and the challenging requirements of further developing democratic practices.

The program prioritizes interdisciplinary approaches to generate knowledge and to strengthen ties between university and community. Moreover, it duly emphasizes policy tools and training methods, as well as critical analysis of democratic political institutions and governance processes.

The program is designed to train and prepare teachers and researchers, as well as to capacitate technicians to work in the public policy fields. Moreover, to prepare students for careers as analysts, managers, and leaders in government, public administration, corporations and the non-profit sector.

Research areas:

Democracy, Institutions and Governance;

Public Policy Analysis.


Master’s degree.

Selection Process:

Call for application usually opens in February. More information about admission requirements and the application process are available on the program website.

Classes Begin:

Usually in May or June (depending on the year’s calendar).




Limited availability, depending on case-by-case analysis.




Program Website

Additional information about calls, application and deadlines, please go to the program Website


NameResearch Areas
Adalberto Mantovani Martiniano De Azevedo
Alessandra Teixeira
Artur Zimerman
Beni Trojbicz
Diego Sanches Corrêa
Gabriela Spanghero Lotta
Ivan Filipe De Almeida Lopes Fernandes
Klaus Frey
Lucio Nagib Bittencourt
Marcos Vinicius Po
Salomão Barros Ximenes
Sergio Rodrigo Marchiori Praça
Sidney Jard Da Silva
Vanessa Elias De Oliveira
Vitor Emanuel Marchetti Ferraz Junior