Message from the President


Welcome to UFABC!

Truly a university of the 21st millennium, UFABC is one of the youngest and most dynamic academic institutions in Brazil – and beyond. While our facilities, our website and our academic structure all still under construction, the university’s vigorous innovation and evolution over the past 10 years has already firmly established UFABC among the leading centers for research and higher education.

To cite just a few recent achievements:

  • UFABC is one of only 13 among more than 2000 Brazilian universities to have been awarded the highest grade (5) in the nationwide evaluation performed by the Brazilian Federal Secretary of education.
  • In 2017, Times Higher Education (THE) ranked UFABC 18th worldwide among universities founded after the year 2000. If universities resulting from the merger of older institutions are excluded, UFABC rises to 8th place worldwide among universities created in the 21st century.
  • The leading scientific journal Nature classified UFABC 6th in Brazil and 3rd among Brazilian federal universities in high quality research in the natural sciences.
  • US News ranked UFABC 4th in Brazil and 9th in Latin America with regard to overall academic quality, and 6th worldwide in international collaboration.
  • In each of the past four years, the Scimago Ranking identified UFABC as a leader among Brazilian institutions in the categories internationalization, normalized impact and the excellence of its academic production.

To put these performance indicators in perspective, it is important to recall that UFABC started its activities only in 2006. Today, the university has campuses in the adjoining cities Santo Andre and São Bernardo, and collaborations all over the world. 100% of UFABC’s approximately 660 faculty members have a Ph.D., and 12% are foreign, both of which are very high proportions by Brazilian standards. Approximately 15,000 students are currently enrolled in one or more of the 50 undergraduate or graduate programs on offer.

UFABC was created with two distinct and complementary missions. One of them stems from the origin of the university´s pedagogic-academic guidelines, which were developed by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and focuses on establishing a new interdisciplinary paradigm for academic teaching and research. The absence of traditional academic departments separating distinct areas of knowledge and the creation of interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degrees as the only forms of undergraduate entrance to the university are concrete examples of this paradigm.

The other main mission derives from the geographical location of the university, in the ABC region (hence the name!) of the industrial belt near the city of São Paulo. Knowledge transfer, interaction with industry and technological innovation, as well as social and environmental responsibility are priorities that respond to the demands of society and position UFABC as an important player in the quest for social and economic development of the region and the country.

The challenge faced by UFABC is to reconcile these two missions and integrate them into one unified vision: the creation of a world-class research and teaching institution, ready for the 21st century and beyond.

We are looking forward to your feedback and your contribution!

Klaus Capelle

Rector of UFABC