Bachelor in Philosophy

The bachelor in Philosophy includes studies and investigation of the past and actual philosophical thinking. The program doesn’t follow any particular philosophical line but does approach relevant themes in a plural perspective. The program includes disciplines, such as, philosophy history, ontology, metaphysics, art philology and aesthetics, epistemology, science and technology science, ethics, logical philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, Brazilian and Latin American philosophy. The program aims to prepare professionals capable of analyzing philosophical questions and finding solutions by philosophy investigation means.

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Required Courses

Mechanical PhenomenaTaught in English
Fundamentals of MathematicsTaught in English
Social Structure and Dynamics
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsTaught in English
Cenceptual Bases of Energy
Philosophy of Language
Metaphysical Problems - Contemporany Perspective
Philosofy of Science - the ortodox conception
International System Formation
History of Medieval Philosophy: Patristic and Scholastic
Introduction to Economics
Ethics and Justice
Aesthetics: Contemporary Perspectives
Ethics: Contemporary Perspectives
Phenomenology and Hermeneutics
Philosophy of Science: the Popper-Kuhn debate and its aftermath
History of Ancient Philosophy: Plato and Platonism
History of Contemporary Philosophy: the 19th century
Theory of Knowledge: Contemporary Epistemology
History of Modern Philosophy: the rationalist perspective
Theory of Knowledge : Rationalism versus Empiricism
Basic Logic
Territory and Society

Elective Courses