Bachelor in Territorial Planning

The BC&H provides the basis for the Bachelor in Territorial Planning, the first one at undergraduate level in the country. The goal is to train professionals in social sciences, such as Economics, Administration, Law, Demographics, Urban and Regional Planning, Political Science, Sociology, Geography and History, and in exact and natural sciences, like Statistics, Cartography, Geoprocessing and Ecology. The skills acquired during their studies will enable them to interpret issues in different territorial scales, and to plan development policies or execute projects and programs. Brochure avaiable to Download

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Required Courses

Fundamentals of MathematicsTaught in English
Social Structure and Dynamics
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsTaught in English
Cenceptual Bases of Energy
Institutional Arrangements and Territory Regulatory Framework
Metropolitan Policy
Urban and Enviroment Regulation
Urban and Land Use
International System Formation
Introduction to Economics
Ethics and Justice
Territory and Society
Productive Mobilization of the Territories and Local Development
Studies of Physical Environment
History of the City and the Urbanism
Methods and Techniques of Data Analysis for Territorial Planning
Workshop - Planning Periurban, countryside and rural areas
Macro and Meso Regional Planning Workshop
Regional Planning and Policy
Strategic Planning in Project Management
Science, Technology and Society
Topics and Problems in Philosophy
State and Political Power
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems for Territorial Planning

Elective Courses