Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering develops and applies technology to model and solve problems in medical area. This is a strategic field for Brazil that require capable professionals to contribute to scientific and technological advances for the industry of medical and hospital supplies ( therapy and diagnosis equipment, implantable materials, artificial organs, orthosis and prosthesis), biomedical instrumentation, rehabilitation technology (tools for people with special needs) and clinical engineering (health technology management). The Biomedical engineer has an interdisciplinary approach and conceptual skills to develop, apply and integrate modern engineering techniques and tools to come up with creative solution for the health industry.

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Required Courses

Thermal Phenomena
Mechanical PhenomenaTaught in English
Quantum Physics
The Nature of InformationTaught in English
Information Processing
Functions of a Single Variable
Introduction to Ordinary Differential EquationsTaught in English
Function of Several VariablesTaught in English
Experimental Basis of Natural SciencesTaught in English
Supervised ProjectTaught in English
Fundamentals of Computer ScienceTaught in English
Fundamentals of MathematicsTaught in English
Social Structure and Dynamics
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsTaught in English
Cenceptual Bases of Energy
Structure of Matter
Science, Technology and Society
Biomedical Instrumentation
Biological Basis for Engineering II
Biocompatible Materials Science
Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation
Modeling and Simulation of Biomedical Systems
Principles of Medical Imaging
Hospital Medical Equipment
Analysis and Control of Mechanical Systems
Principles of Ethics in Health Care Services
Finite Element Methods Applied to Biomedical Systems
Materials and their properties
Materials and their properties
Electrical circuits I
Mathematical Methods Applied to Biomedical Systems
Biological Basis for Engineering I
Introduction to Medical Physics
Cellular biology
Introduction to Engineering
Atomic and Molecular InteractionsTaught in English

Elective Courses