Engineering Management

Engineering Management involves project, improvement, implementation and management of integrated systems of human resources, materials, information, equipment and energy, to optimize production and systems applied to several corporate and business sectors. It is associated to areas of knowledge, such as, physics, chemistry and mathematics, utilizing principles and analysis methods of engineering to specify, predict, measure and evaluate outcomes from the operation and production systems. Unlike other types of engineering, those focus only in one part of the system, the Management Engineering studies the systemic integration of the project and processes management of goods and services to, for instance, build models of optimized management systems to be used in the decision making process. The program scope enables professionals to work to companies and organizations of various economic sectors offering systemic solutions according to demands of modern society.

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NameResearch Areas
Alexandre Acacio De Andrade
Anne Cristine Chinellato
Carolina Correa De Carvalho
Delmo Alves De Moura
Douglas Alves Cassiano
Eder De Oliveira Abensur
Erik Gustavo Del Conte
Evandir Megliorini
Fernando Gasi
Flavio Rocha De Oliveira
Giselle Ramirez Canedo
Guilherme Canuto Da Silva
Gustavo Martini DalpianComputational Materials Science, Materials for Energy, Semiconductors, Nanostructures
Gustavo Menoncin de Carvalho PereiraPurchasing & Supply, Procurement & Sourcing, Supply Chain Relationship Management
Jabra Haber
Jorge Tomioka
Jose Roberto Talamo
Julio Francisco Blumetti Faco
Leonardo Ribeiro RodriguesBiomaterials; Bone Tissue Engineering; Bioceramics; Rotary Jet Spinning.
Lucelia Borges Da Costa
Mara Marly Gomes Barreto
Márcia Maria Penteado Marchesini
Michelle Sato Frigo
Osmar Domingues
Patricia Belfiore Favero
Patricia Helena Fernandes Cunha
Ricardo Reolon Jorge
Sergio Ricardo Lourenço
Silvia Helena Facciolla Passarelli
Vanderli Correia Prieto