Information Engineering

The Information Engineer is the professional responsible to project, analyze, develop and implement services or systems of generation, processing, transmission, reception, classification, presentation, storage and safety of information for the different types of global communication networks. The association between solid scientific/technologic knowledges and critical consciousness, social responsibility and creativity gives to the Information Engineer the ability to deal with the new challenges of the new “Information Era”. The program seeks convergence between areas of information, communications, computer networks and multimedia processing in order to design universal communication.

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Required Courses

Thermal Phenomena
Mechanical PhenomenaTaught in English
Quantum Physics
The Nature of InformationTaught in English
Information Processing
Functions of a Single Variable
Introduction to Ordinary Differential EquationsTaught in English
Function of Several VariablesTaught in English
Experimental Basis of Natural SciencesTaught in English
Supervised ProjectTaught in English
Fundamentals of Computer ScienceTaught in English
Fundamentals of MathematicsTaught in English
Social Structure and Dynamics
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsTaught in English
Cenceptual Bases of Energy
Structure of Matter
Science, Technology and Society
Electronic Devices
Control Systems I
Digital Electronics
Materials and their properties
Materials and their properties
Electrical circuits I
Applied Analogical Electronics
Embedded Software Programming
Principles of Communication
Random Signals
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Communication
Information Theory and Codes
Applied Electromagnetic Waves
Multimedia communications
Microprocessor Systems
Mobile Communications
Computer Networks
Introduction to Engineering
Atomic and Molecular InteractionsTaught in English

Elective Courses


NameResearch Areas
Aline De Oliveira Neves Panazio
Amaury Kruel Budri
Anderson De Araújo
Andre Gustavo Scagliusi Landulfo
Carlos Alberto KamienskiSmart Cities; Network Softwarization; Internet of Things; Cloud Computing; Fog Computing
Carlos Eduardo Capovilla
Celso Setsuo KurashimaImmersive Visual Communication, Interactive 3D Video Technology, Telepresence, and Multimedia Signal processing.
Claudio Jose Bordin Junior
Denise Consonni
Francisco Jose Fraga Da Silva
German Carlos Santos Quispe
Helena França
Irineu Antunes Junior
Ivan Roberto Santana Casella
Joao Carlos Da Motta Ferreira
Joao Henrique KleinschmidtComputer Networks; Information Security; Wireless Networks; Internet of Things
Jorge Diego Marconi
Katia Franklin Albertin Torres
Luiz Henrique Bonani Do Nascimento
Marcelo Bender PerotoniApplied Electromagnetism, Instrumentation, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Microwaves and Antennas, Computational Electromagnetics.
Marco Aurelio Cazarotto Gomes
Marcus Antonio Mendonca Marrocos
Mario Alexandre Gazziro
Mario Minami
Murilo Bellezoni Loiola
Nunzio Marco Torrisi
Ricardo Suyama
Roberto Jacobe Rodrigues
Stilante Koch Manfrin