Bachelor in Neuroscience

The first and currently only bachelor’s degree of its kind in the country, the Bachelor in Neuroscience is linked to the Bachelor in Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree that prepares future scientists in all the fields usually required of them: mathematics, chemistry, physics, programming, modelling, environmental processes and scientific method. Students follow up with studies of Experimental Psychology, Ethics, Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience in various mandatory courses. Then, students are free to choose one of three paths in their studies: Cognitive sciences, Biological approach or Computational approach to Neuroscience. Graduates will be able to pursue careers is basic research, within the university or in hospitals or laboratories, or applied research, in Consumer Neuroscience, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Medical Solutions and many other areas in this growing field.

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Required Courses

Evolution and Diversification of Life on EarthTaught in English
Science, Technology and Society
Experimental Psychology
Advances and Methods in Neuroscience
Cognitive Psychology
Thermal Phenomena
Mechanical PhenomenaTaught in English
Quantum Physics
The Nature of InformationTaught in English
Information Processing
Functions of a Single Variable
Introduction to Ordinary Differential EquationsTaught in English
Function of Several VariablesTaught in English
Experimental Basis of Natural SciencesTaught in English
Supervised ProjectTaught in English
Fundamentals of Computer ScienceTaught in English
Fundamentals of MathematicsTaught in English
Social Structure and Dynamics
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsTaught in English
Cenceptual Bases of Energy
Structure of Matter
Research and Scientific Communication
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
Introduction to Computational Neuroscience
Introduction to Statistical Inference
Neural Signal Processing
Analytic Geometry

Elective Courses